Masahiro, the CEO of Doreming, was interviewed by TBS after the wake of the EU BREXIT on Friday at June 24. The interview was on live around 6PM on Monday at June 27.  (Note: The link is no more available.)


Masahiro commented that we were very surprised about the result. We do not soon plan to move out from London, but we are concerned that if the EU citizens are going to be restricted to enter freely to the UK, that’s going to slow down business activities in the UK, which will adversely impact on the UK and EU economy. Also, BREXIT gave me a headache about hiring local people since people we interviewed were mostly from other EU countries. No body knows how the immigration rules and process are going to be altered in the UK. Lastly, due to the UK’s leave from the EU, if the UK dilutes the strong presence of the world’s financial center, it would also dilute our interests to set up our headquarters here in London.