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HR & payroll & financial services.

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Unleash their motivation.

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Founding Members

Co-create disruptive, innovative, inclusive business.

For Business Partners

Co-prosper under groundbreaking “revenue-share” model.

Who We Are

We are a social startup, missioned to promote financial inclusion & SDGs around the world.


Around the world, 1.7 billion adults don’t have bank account i.e. unbanked. Even greater number are classified as underbanked, who have bank account but don’t have an access to affordable financial services.


We create a world where all workers can see a pathway to climb up “Do-Re-Mi” music notes of their financial well-being, by their own studious efforts and work ethics.

Our Mission

Doreming provides “People-Centric Mobile Wallet”, to drive financial inclusion.

Mission 1

Provide access to basic & affordable financial services, including real-time access to earned but unpaid wage, to the 1.7 billion unbanked adults around the world.

Mission 2

Develop unprecedented affordable financial services,by converting integrated big-data of “work-earn-spend” cycle into alternative credit scoring / brand-new business models.

Our Solution

One-shot solution for both employers & employees.

About Doreming HR

Manage HR, time & attendance, payroll from a single & integrated platform.

Realize fair evaluation
by flexible hourly-wage

For example...
Normal telephone sales: $10 per hour,
Claim handling: $20 per hour

Visualize productivity
by flexible allowance

For example...
Oil change: $5 per time,
toilet cleaning: $1 per time

Global Support

Support multi languages & local labor law. Currently available in English, Japanese and Vietnamese (Others to be available soon)

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