04/2017: 7 Bank Partners with Doreming

Seven Bank Ltd., CEO Kensuke Futagoishi with principal office at Chiyoda-ku Tokyo (“Seven Bank”); and Doreming Co., Ltd., CEO Hiromitsu Kuwahara with principal office at Chuo-ku, Fukuoka (“Doreming”) “Real Time Wage Transfer System” is a B-to-B service that allows employees to instantly transfer their accrued wages to their accounts on demand. Doreming’s “Instant Wage Payment Service” allows employees to receive accrued wages “On Demand”, which better meets the needs for a variety of work style. The cloud based real time payroll system, “Doreming’ calculates employee’s take home wage, immediately after employee’s leave from work. Income tax, social security tax, and other statutory taxes will be automatically deducted from wage. Employees […]

10/2016: Interviewed by JETRO London

Doreming’s Social Mission to Help 2B Financial Refugees in the World to be Inclusive of Financial Services   Doreming was interviewed by JETRO London about the business and advancement into the United Kingdom. The interviewer was inspired by our commitment to empower workers away from poverty. The article was published in Japanese on Oct. 4, 2016. https://www.jetro.go.jp/biznews/2016/10/058997744645b391.html   We are going to continue to find people who can share the values and beliefs of our social businesses and vision around the world.

10/2016: Article in NewsPicks about NTT Data’s contest

Doreming Asia – Published by NewsPicks about the Winning of the Grand Prize of Open Innovation Business Contest, hosted by NTT Data   Doreming Asia was awarded by NTT DATA as the best startup company among 55 other startup companies. The judge commented, “Doreming Asia has a social mission with unique concept to accelerate financial inclusion.” NTT DATA determines that there are a lot of exciting opportunities and areas to collaborate with Doreming Asia.   In near future, Doreming Asia is going to closely work with NTT DATA for 3 months to develop a pilot project. NTT DATA plans to provide us with a team of experts and technologies. We are very much excited and keen to work with […]

06/2016: Interviewed by TBS TV about BREXIT

Masahiro, the CEO of Doreming, was interviewed by TBS after the wake of the EU BREXIT on Friday at June 24. The interview was on live around 6PM on Monday at June 27.   http://news.tbs.co.jp/newseye/tbs_newseye2807643.html  (Note: The link is no more available.)   Masahiro commented that we were very surprised about the result. We do not soon plan to move out from London, but we are concerned that if the EU citizens are going to be restricted to enter freely to the UK, that’s going to slow down business activities in the UK, which will adversely impact on the UK and EU economy. Also, BREXIT gave me a headache about hiring local people […]