10/2017: Listed on the KPMG “Value of Fintech” Report

Doreming is listed on the page 27 as one of the examples of financial inclusion in the KPMG latest Fintech report “Value of Fintech”. The report listed 10 suggested actions for the UK Government to help the UK maintain its leadership as a global hub for Fintechs. It has 71 pages by describing the Fintech landscape, value of Fintech, and the key attributes of the UK and London Fintech market as a leading global Fintech hub. See details.

09/2017: Collaboration with Lien Viet Post Bank and Mitsui Knowledge Industry

On September 12, Doreming signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Lien Viet Post Bank, a Vietnamese leading retail bank and Mitsui Knowledge Industry (MKI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitsui & Co., to build solution for managing and paying wages to workers in Vietnam through Lien Viet Post Bank’s Vien Viet non-physical card. In the initial phase, the parties agreed on a plan for the development and implementation of the Proof of Concept (PoC) program with the objective of conducting a feasibility study among the parties. MKI supports marketing activities and localization in Asia to commercialize Doreming. MKI plans to introduce a number of Japanese enterprises based in Vietnam that demand Doreming’s human […]

04/2017: 7 Bank Partners with Doreming

Seven Bank Ltd., CEO Kensuke Futagoishi with principal office at Chiyoda-ku Tokyo (“Seven Bank”); and Doreming Co., Ltd., CEO Hiromitsu Kuwahara with principal office at Chuo-ku, Fukuoka (“Doreming”) “Real Time Wage Transfer System” is a B-to-B service that allows employees to instantly transfer their accrued wages to their accounts on demand. Doreming’s “Instant Wage Payment Service” allows employees to receive accrued wages “On Demand”, which better meets the needs for a variety of work style. The cloud based real time payroll system, “Doreming’ calculates employee’s take home wage, immediately after employee’s leave from work. Income tax, social security tax, and other statutory taxes will be automatically deducted from wage. Employees […]

12/2016: Freshminds “25 of the most disruptive Fintech Firms”

We have been listed in the 25 of the most disruptive FinTech Firms by Freshminds. Thank you Freshminds for including Doreming in your list! The employer-focused fintechConsumer to business payment fintech is increasingly well established. But some fintech firms are looking to facilitate business to employee payment services.Doreming, for instance, focuses on financial inclusion for workers, an emerging theme for fintech firms, with the World Bank estimating that 2.5 billion adults worldwide are excluded from traditional banking services. Furthermore, research from Doreming has found that millions are forced into taking loans at high rates from unofficial sources (such as loan sharks). In order to address this, Doreming have created a payroll system that […]

10/2016: Interviewed by JETRO London

Doreming’s Social Mission to Help 2B Financial Refugees in the World to be Inclusive of Financial Services   Doreming was interviewed by JETRO London about the business and advancement into the United Kingdom. The interviewer was inspired by our commitment to empower workers away from poverty. The article was published in Japanese on Oct. 4, 2016. https://www.jetro.go.jp/biznews/2016/10/058997744645b391.html   We are going to continue to find people who can share the values and beliefs of our social businesses and vision around the world.