Workers can receive salary on Digital Wallet even though they don’t have a bank account.

28 Jan : Our service launched in Vietnam by collaboration with LienViet Post Bank(VN) and Mitsui Knowledge Industries(JP).

“Workers can receive salary on Digital Wallet without bank account” the first service in Vietnam. My Salary service, Doreming calculates worker’s wage on a daily basis. When employer authenticate the wage, employee can top-up salary on Digital Wallet “ViViet” which is provided by LienViet Post Bank. Not only daily wage but also monthly wage will be able to top-up on Digital Wallet.

Of course Doreming services are free for use! You can use many functions, such as “Easy Shift Making” “Time and Attendance Management” “Paid Holidays Management” and so on. Doreming also adopt trilingual language Vietnamese, English and Japanese. You will see workers condition at real-time from all over the world.

The penetration rate of bank account is being increased and cash is still king in Vietnam. However, we decided to try creating the new market by ourselves from consideration of the circumstances, Digital Money market is growing rapidly I ASEAN countries and there are less spreading secondary financial services in Vietnam.

In the near future, we aim to provide other financial services through Doreming platform.

Based on our collaboration and our mission, we contribute to improve working condition in Vietnam.

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