Japan-UK Financial Forum at British Embassy Tokyo
with  John Griffith-Jones, the Chairman of the FCA
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2 Billion

Number of Adults Worldwide Without Access to Formal Financial Services
~The World Bank~

We provide mainly hourly workers with an opportunity to access to basic financial services such as payment, affordable loans and insurance through our real-time payroll platform.

We want workers to feel safe and secure. Going into a poverty spiral is very scary and climbing out needs a lot of courage. Safety can be provided through care and social responsibility from employers.

Our Plans.

We are expanding into ASEAN and Indian Markets in 2017.
We plan to expand to China, Africa, South America sequentially.

Beyond All-in-One HR & Payroll Platform,
We make  “Payday Everyday”

Increase work efficiency with cloud-based All-in-One HR & Payroll management system.
Increase productivity by giving workers proper incentives with our allowance feature that enables to increase pay rate by task.
Our platform handles all complex payroll calculations in real time.
Our system works for various industries and businesses.

If you don’t have a bank account, you can shop at any time access to your earned salary.

The world’s first salary direct settlement service


We want to build a fair society through technology and ideas.

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