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Easy Initial Setup
Automatic Payroll
Task & Attendance
Accurate Time Record

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Help Center supports anything
Setup / Working condition / Payroll / Shift / Timesheet
Leading to set up and Finding how to use

Incredible Shift Management

Once Set up, the system updates the shift automatically for each employee
You can see real-time condition on Daily Shift

Accurate Time Clock

Web Time Recorder keeps accurate time management
The system can stamp directly by PC or Smartphone
It can also connect biometrics devices

Payroll Calculation Method of Doreming

The system adjust Vietnamese labor rule and custom

The case of Monthly Salary
=> Overtime is calculated by Standard Working Hours
=> Absence is calculated by Monthly Working Hours

(ex. the calendar above...)
・Standard Working Hours (for overtime) 25 days * 8H = 200H
・Monthly Working Hours 22 days * 8H = 176H
Overtime unit price per hour => Monthly Salary / 200H * 150% (Premium Rate)
Absence unit price per hour => Monthly Salary / 176H (deduction also possible on a daily basis)
If an employee absent 2 days, it will deduct Monthly Salary / 176H * 2 day *8H
However, this is just a sample, the system can be set the company's rule and condition
Also allowances can be set precisely, for example, target for social insurance or not

Doreming has excellent time management function

Fully support also daily salary, weekly salary, monthly salary system, flex system
Customization is possible according to the employment rules and conditions
Doreming supports a wide range of industries and supports various ways of working
It can reduce the cost and labor required for system on the cloud based web

Doreming has a real-time payroll function

Doreming can calculate salary on a daily basis with allowances and deductions
as well as overtime allowance and holiday allowance premium calculation
Reduce time-consuming work
Utilize idle time effectively
Support improvement of productivity

Fulfilling Support

Doreming has the necessary support system suitable for each in various situation
Help System that anyone can use without charge
We also provide detailed support services for introduction and training of operation as premium service