Doreming Free Payroll Platform

For Easy Administration by Innovative Work Management System

Improve company's attraction and work environment

Easy Task Management

Create the task plan and manage schedule that will be synchronized with Google calendar. Each task is recorded and aggregated via web based time clock.

Scheduling by Shift

Create the shift by monthly and daily. By creating templates of shift beforehand, it will be able to make shift schedule more easily.


Timesheet shows the daily work results, each group or individual. You can access all histories anytime and confirm working time and volume. It will prevent overwork.

Automatic Payroll

Only clock-in, clock-out, the system run the payroll automatically with allowances and deductions for any cases hourly, daily or monthly.

My Salary - Making Payday Everyday!

Get authenticated daily salary, after work soon

Being the first service in Vietnam to pay salary on Digital Wallet

With LienViet Post Bank, we offer the most advanced payroll software and salary payment for free

Only 2 Step! Comfortable Pay and Receive Salary!

Easy operation! Just by certifying staff’s work experience and salary, automatic setting of regular payroll transfer is possible
It will be released from complicated administrative work as well
Improve administrative efficiency, job offering and avoid frequently job hopping

Just click to authenticate salary

Employer or Administrator just click for approving employees daily wage

Get salary anytime you need

Employee can top-up approved daily wage after work soon!

"My Salary" Making Payday Everyday!

When employer authenticate employee's daily wage, employee can top-up the wage to their Digital Wallet "ViViet" account.

Make Reliable Work Environment

To make reliable work environment to retention workers for grwing company's productivity and atlactiveness


What do I need to start?

PC, Mac or tablet and internet connection
No need to have an expensive server

Worring about how to use?

Doreming has HELP CENTER on the system
Easy find the way to use

Data Export?

The data is exported by csv file
See it on Excel

How to calculate payroll?

Payroll runs by attendance data automatically
Once set up of working condition

We use fingerprint device

Doreming connects outer devices
Please let us know your managing condition

Free? Are you sure?

Yes, all function of Doreming is for free!
Doreming runs on high seculity environment

Still worried? We have Menu for your support

Support Programme for Running Doreming

Free Programme

All Function of Doreming System

Salary Payment

Web Help Center

Premium Support
On Consultation

Fingerprint Connection

System Custormize