Job description

  • We aim to introduce services by establishing good business relationships and communicating the value of doreming while making strategic proposals for user company issues
  • Work with related departments in the company (Development team, customer support) to build a continuous relationship with existing users, understand the issues and needs facing users, and provide solutions using services
  • We propose the optimal solution that utilizes our system for the problems of partner companies, and plan and execute the cooperation plan
  • Coordinate with relevant ministries, financial institutions, etc. for the preparation for deregulation of digital money salaries (We plan to expand our services around the world)

We welcome People like those who;

  • can agree with the mission of Doreming
  • want to engage in social business/ want to challenge the world's first project
  • can communicate actively as a team
  • always with ambition and creative spirit
  • can protect their morals

Recruitment position

  • Full-time employee

Required duties / experience qualification

  • Sales experience (in any industry)
  • Ability to grasp the issues faced by user companies, and to propose solutions
  • Communication skills and teamwork for smooth collaboration with internal teams, partner companies and user companies

Recruitment conditions

  • Educational background or nationality does not matter

Work location

  • Japan (Tokyo, Fukuoka)
  • Singapore (and the ASEAN region)
  • United Kingdom (London)
  • United States (San Francisco)
  • Saudi Arabia (Dammam)
  • India (Bangalore)
    ※ Those who wish to work abroad are also welcomed.
    We plan to expand our bases overseas in the future.


  • Determined according to skills, experience, and ability

Holiday, vacation

  • Saturday, Sunday, public holidays
  • New Year holidays (Dec. 29-Jan. 3)
  • Paid leave

Reward and welfare benefits

  • Various social security insurance
  • Transportation expenses paid (with upper limit)
  • Lunch (once a week)*Only in Japan
  • Stock option system

Probation period

  • It is up to 6 months
    Contracts will be made within 6 months when your ability is recognized.