Our Mission

Mission of Doreming is

to reduce poverty disparities
and build a peaceful and enriched society

Our goal is to have many people in various regions comfortably
and safely use the services we develop

We promise to make an economic contribution to the region,
improve the income for the company,
and provide an opportunity to earn more income
and get a fair evaluation for working people


Collaboration with financial institutions and settlement companies

The trouble of many payment providers is that "the only means of payment for people who do not have a bank account is cash."
Having stores and ATMs incurs a large cost.
However, using our service which allows to charge directly from salary will cost you a small amount.

  • Collaborate with all payment providers
  • Collaborate with all telecommunication businesses
  • Chargeable on prepaid cards
  • Strength


    Creating a cloud-based HR , time attendance + real-time payroll system is a daunting skill.
    We started the service with single instance multi-tenant type from 2000 (at group companies), and have developed and operated all-in-one type HR, time attendance and payroll system in Japan for 20 years.

  • Closing date, 0 o'clock, closing time, summer time correspondence
  • Multi-language, decimal place, time difference
  • With calculation value change function, such as income tax, local tax, health insurance, pension, etc.
  • Digital Money

    The advent of the digital money era

    Cash society has been a hotbed of counterfeit bills, tax evasion, bribery, etc., and is shifting to cashless society with digital settlement that are difficult to fraud. There is no worry of money laundering if it is an overseas remittance within the payroll amount. It eliminates the need for troublesome checks and helps remittance companies. You can also provide affordable financial services for hard workers.
    We are currently developing a payroll wallet that utilizes the latest blockchain technology.

  • Low interest rate loan development
  • Development of variable contribution insurance
  • Development of donation type personal pension