Our Team

Yoshikazu Takasaki

Doreming Holding CEO
Representative Director of Doreming Co., Ltd.

Born in Kumamoto Prefecture. After graduating from Kumamoto Prefectural High School, he got a job at a construction company in Osaka. Then, he switched his profession to Japanese cook. Ten years later (when he was 30 years old), he started Mos Burger FC in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture. While he was expanding business steadily, the Great Hanshin Earthquake hit in 1995, and had no choice but to close the stores. At the same year, he founded Kizuna Japan Co., Ltd.
Raised funds in 1999 and started developing Japan's first ASP-type HR, time attendance and payroll system.
Received the 2002 Softization Grand Prize, and have proudly provided our system to Sony and Oki Electric as a OEM product.
World's first real-time payroll service launched in 2007.
Established Doreming Co., Ltd. in Fukuoka City in 2015.
Established Doreming Holding in June 2017.

Masahiro Takasaki

Representative Director and CEO of Doreming, Inc. (USA), Doreming MENA (Saudi Arabia)

Born in Osaka.
After graduating from Portland State University, He had worked at a major international accounting firm in Tokyo until he joined Kisuna Japan, a father-owned company, in April 2015.
Launched an internal project to develop a system that can manage in real time by linking from attendance management to payroll calculation and payment, and established Doreming in Fukuoka City in June of the same year, to specialize in those area of business.
Currently, he serves as CEO of Saudi Arabia and US entities.

Hiromitsu Kuwahara

Representative Director and CEO of Doreming Asia Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)

Born in Saga.
Joined Nichireki Co., Ltd., an oil-based pavement material manufacturer, in 1995 and engaged in sales position. Assigned to Tohoku Nichireki Construction Co., Ltd. in 2011, engaged in the reconstruction of the Great East Japan Earthquake in Sendai City.
In 2014, he joined Kizuna Japan Ltd. Half a year later, in June 2015 spin-off company Doreming Co., Ltd was founded, and he had been a representative director. Moved to Singapore in 2017, and established Doreming Asia Pte. Ltd. in November of the same year. Since then, he has been engaged in business development for development in Southeast Asian countries including Vietnam as Director / CEO.

Toshiaki Kashiwabara

Representative director and CTO of Doreming Co., Ltd.

Born in Tokyo.
Joined an SI company in 1996 after graduating from university. He worked as a software engineer in crime management system and web application development.
Since 2000 he has been involved in the development and operation of time attendance and payroll management system of Kizuna Japan Co., Ltd. Established Doreming Asia Co., Ltd. (now Doreming Co., Ltd.) in July 2015 and engaged as CTO since then.

Yoji Kumaki

Representative Director and CEO of Doreming Co., Ltd.

Born in Tokyo.
After graduating from university, he got a job at a petroleum sales company (Cosmo Oil Co., Ltd.) in 1998.
Moved to the head office in Tokyo after working for about two years at a Fukuoka branch office and providing support services for dealers and service stations. He engaged 6 years in tasks such as planning, development, introduction and establishment support of sales system (sales management, customer management, attendance management, inventory management etc.), planning and planning of sales policy, education support for branch employees, etc. Then, after being engaged in management consulting for a number of clients (life insurance, real estate, steel makers, retailers, etc.) at a consulting company (now Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting GK), he started his own company in June 2008.
Joined Doreming Co., Ltd. in July 2018 after conducting corporate management for 10 years (3 italian restaurants).

Junki Yoshifusa

Representative Director and CEO of Doreming LTD. (London, UK)

Graduated from the University of Tokyo, faculty of law. After working for a central bank as an economist & an investment bank as an M&A analyst, Junki joined Doreming to pursue his lifelong interest in tackling social issues by the power of technology & entrepreneurship. As a founding member and CEO Europe & Africa, by leveraging his expertise in the field of finance, he aspires to launch businesses aimed towards financial inclusion for the underserved.

Kazuyoshi Nishizawa

Operating officer of Doreming Co., Ltd.

Engaged in development, sales, education and support of multilingual products for foreign products such as Oracle, development tools, data analysis, office suites, etc.
Developed the world's first Java business system (production management). During the dot-com bubble period, He supported the development and operation of websites such as major portals, EC, and B2B.
In the system construction of the Electric Power Transportation Headquarters, he conducted the standardization of maintenance operation and the "corrosion-free database". Established and operated inter-site connection (WAN) and LAN of public facilities such as local governments and hospitals.
Promote informatization and standardization in the healthcare industry.
Support planning and sales of data centers and cloud services.
Promote the introduction of AI, data science and IoT.
Participated in Doreming from March 2019.

Shuhei Honma

Advisor of Doreming., Ltd.

Born in Akita, and raised in Kanagawa from the age of nine.
Graduated from the University of Tokyo Faculty of Literature.
After working as a travel agent, entered an audit corporation. He is registered as a Certified Public Accountant in 1995. In 1997 Served as a Manager of International Division at Ota Showa Audit Corporation (currently EY New Japan Limited Audit Corporation)
Established independent company, Best Accountants Co., Ltd., in 2000 and established Honma Certified Public Accountant Office (Now know as Plus Accounting Office). Toei Housing Corporate Auditor (current position) since 2004, and registered as a 2004 tax accountant.
Established Kyoritsu Partners Co., Ltd. in 2008.
Became a member of Tokyo Rinkai Holdings, Inc. Group Finance Steering Committee since 2013.
Auditor of Kizuna Japan Ltd. since 2014
G3 Holdings Inc. Director Audit & Supervisory Committee member.
Our adviser from 2018.