How does it work ?

Using Doreming Payroll couldn’t be easier.  Here’s how to get started.

First, you need to register your Company details to the Doreming system interface. But don’t worry, that’s easy.
Then register the employee’s which will generate their very own ID and profile accounts.
Scroll down to find out how your employee uses it.

  • Before Starting your Shift

  • Job Routine

  • Shift End


The main service of Doreming is “Doreming Pay“. In short, this is a system to prepare wages for workers. You can use wages that you normally receive only on payday, up to the amount you work, whenever you like.

The balance of wages that worked up to that date will be recorded in the cloud database by the attendance management system that the company provides to employees. Workers limit their balance to pay the amount of money they used at the merchant without cash using the settlement card or smartphone application. The amount of money used up to the payday date is automatically calculated and is deducted from salary and adjusted.

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