General Affairs / Accounting

Job description

  • You will be responsible for the general affairs and accounting of corporations in the Doreming Group worldwidely.
  • Recruitment work
  • Settlement processing, preparation of trial balance sheet
  • Business planning support
  • Board member schedule adjustment

We welcome People like those who;

  • can agree with the mission of Doreming
  • want to engage in social business / want to challenge the world's first project
  • can communicate actively as a team
  • always with ambition and creative spirit
  • can protect their morals

Recruitment position

  • Full-time employee

Required duties / experience qualification

  • General affairs and accounting work experience (in any industry)
  • Communication skills and teamwork for smooth collaboration with internal members

Recruitment conditions

  • Educational background or nationality does not matter

Work location

  • Japan (Tokyo, Fukuoka)
  • Singapore (and the ASEAN region)
  • United Kingdom (London)
  • United States (San Francisco)
  • Saudi Arabia (Dammam)
  • India (Bangalore)
    ※ Those who wish to work abroad are also welcomed.
    We plan to expand our bases overseas in the future.


  • Determined according to skills, experience, and ability

Holiday, vacation

  • Saturday, Sunday, public holidays
  • New Year holidays (Dec. 29-Jan. 3)
  • Paid leave

Reward and welfare benefits

  • Various social security insurance
  • Transportation expenses paid (with upper limit)
  • Lunch (once a week)*Only in Japan
  • Stock option system

Probation period

  • It is up to 6 months
    *Contracts will be made within 6 months when your ability is recognized.